Nich Angell
Nich is one quarter of Big Punch Studios, and the creator and artist of the musical adventure comic 7STRING and the daft webcomic Cat and Meringue. He is also the artist behind Cuckoos in Big Punch’s quarterly magazine Extraversal. You can see a lot of his art can be found on his website. He loves transforming heroes, Shonen Jump manga and legendary swords, but then again, who doesn’t?


Ade Brown
Ade is a London-based artist and writer with a background in illustration and design. He’s currently working on the forthcoming sci-fi/horror graphic novel series Where Angels Fall.


Anastasia Catris
Anastasia is a freelance illustrator and writer from Wales. After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London with a BA Hons in English Literature, she travelled to the USA to pursue her passion for comics by studying at the Kubert School of Comic and Cartoon Art. Since returning to the UK, her work has been published by HarperCollins, Orion, Fox, Marvel, DC and Kerrang!, among others. She also self-publishes Cirque Du Mort, a horror anthology. Sales of her colouring books for adults have exceeded half a million worldwide.


Matt Gibbs
Matt is a WGGB Award nominated writer and editor. He has worked on games such as Battlefield 1, Total War: ROME II, and Driver San Francisco. Alongside his games work, he is also the managing editor of Improper Books, a comic and graphic novel studio focused on creator-owned stories with a touch of the fairy tale or otherworldly about them. He has written and collaborated on comics such as MULP: Sceptre of the Sun, with Sara Dunkerton, and Knight & Dragon, with Bevis Musson.


Jennie Gyllblad
Jennie is a full-time comic creator in the UK independent scene. She paints traditionally, using mostly watercolour, gouache and ink. Her current comic projects include fantasy webcomic Skal, spooky webcomic Vigor Mortis (with writer Ella McConnell), space opera comic By Man & Angels, and the erotic comic collection Jenitales.


Rich Hardiman
Rich started comicprintinguk in 2012 and has spent every day since assuring people that it is too a real job. Over the last six years he has fixed innumerable bleeds, printed thousands of comics, made serial failed attempts to be funny on Twitter, and somehow built a reputation as one of the better specialist comic printers in the country. His signature colour is purple and he’s very lucky to have such a good job.


Vince Hunt
Vince is the creator of the sci-fi action series The Red Mask From Mars, the comedy strip Stalkerville and the horror comedy novel Devil Kickers. His work has been featured in the likes of Comichaus, 100% Biodegradable and the British Showcase Anthology. He also hosts the weekly Awesome Comics Podcast, which showcases the best and brightest in the self-publishing world. Vince is a big fan of cherry coke, marzipan and hugs, and will immediately be best friends with anyone who gives him one of these.


Hayley Illman
Hayley is the founder of Melksham Comic Con and, until recently, also the owner of KomiX, an independent comic book shop. While Melksham Comic Con and KomiX have now closed their doors, allowing the teams to pursue other passions, Hayley has over seven years of experience in the comic book industry. Currently taking a break to spend time with her young family, Hayley still wants to see the comic industry flourish and is here to pass on her passion, knowledge, best practices and tips.


Chris Imber
Chris is an artist on the indie comics scene. As well as being the in-house artist for Reckless Hero, he is lead artist on The Last Sheriff and Operation Boom. His credits extend to a plethora of indie comic books, including cover work and sequential pages. He was also included in the Udon Tribute to Capcom Fighting Games, licensed by Capcom and published by Udon entertainment, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.


Shazleen Khan
Shazleen is a London-based illustrator, writer and comic maker. She began publishing her graphic novels with Sweatdrop Studios in 2011 and has since gone on to complete a bachelor’s in Illustration. Shazleen currently works as a fulltime illustrator and designer while working towards a master’s in Children’s Books and Graphic Novels. Her previous clients include the BBC, Time Out Magazine and the RAF. Her work has also been published by BHP, Neo Magazine and MCM Comic Con.


Sarah Millman
Sarah is a writer and artist best known for her indie comics, The Heart of Time and NPC Tea. A Kickstarter veteran, she crowdfunded volume 1 of The Heart of Time and issues 3-5 of NPC Tea, and also teaches comics workshops in schools and libraries in Wales. She’s also worked in the games industry as a 2D artist and script writer (most notably on Master Reboot, 2013). She currently lives in Cardiff, where she plays a lot of D&D and drinks more tea than is healthy.


Barry Nugent
Barry is one of the hosts of the Geek Syndicate podcast, which focuses on all aspects of pop culture. During his time running GS, Barry has hosted a number of convention panels around the country and co-hosted two documentaries for the BBC. He is also the driving force behind Unseen Shadows, a transmedia project created to expand the world of Barry novels. As part of this project, two graphic novels, 12 one-shot comics and a short webcomic series have been published.


Jade Sarson
Jade is a Lincoln-based illustrator and comic artist. She likes tea and big dogs. She graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Illustration and started self-publishing the tea-stained webcomic Cafe Suada shortly after. In 2013 her work on Cafe Suada was nominated for Best Emerging Talent in the British Comic Awards, and in 2014 she won the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel competition with an extract from her graphic novel For the Love of God, Marie!


Nikki Stu
Nikki is a part-time comic creator and illustrator. When not fighting against the art gods, she can normally be found near swamps or glitter filled rainbows. She has two comic series on the go, Thank Goodness for Herald Owlett and Honeydew and Magic, and is trying very hard to get the next books out in the series.


Steve Tanner
Steve’s passion for comics knows no bounds. An avid reader and collector since childhood, Steve decided to fully realise his enthusiasm for the medium in 2006 by founding his own imprint, Time Bomb Comics, which publishes critically acclaimed one-shots and graphic novels. Steve is the creator of Flintlock, an ongoing adventure anthology set in the 18th century, and has written for a wide number of other comics publishers. He is also the founder of the Birmingham Comics Festival.


Sally Jane Thompson
Sally is an artist and writer, with work in publications from Oni Press, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Oxford University Press, the Phoenix, and more. Her recent projects include The Ruby Equation (with Sarah Kuhn, Savanna Ganucheau and Steve Wands) and Under the Oak Trees for acclaimed anthology series Fresh Romance, and the upcoming YA fantasy Conspiracy of Ravens. She also works with museum and heritage organisations, using comics, illustration and sketch reportage to capture and communicate ideas, events, and a sense of place.


Vivian Truong
Vivian is a London-based comic artist and illustrator. She has worked with Riot Games on the webcomic series Punches & Plants, self-publishes the comic Daughter of Titan, and is an artist in Metropo, a sci-fi anthology. She’s currently working on her own personal projects, including a short comic, a webcomic and a graphic novel. Vivian graduated from Bournemouth University, where she studied Computer Animation, and has been drawing since she could hold a pencil.